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The Witches' House Subscription Box

Spiritual Subscription Box

Spiritual Subscription Box

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!Because this is our first ever box, it will take a little longer to ship, expect your box in the beginning of July!

Our 2-monthly subscription box is a need for everyone who’s interested in spirituality 🔮 Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the topics that you like or you’re already a practicing witch, this box covers it all! 🌿

These boxes are based on different themes every time, so don’t worry about getting the same stuff over and over again 🫣 Some examples? Things like; nature, stress-relief, self-love, protection, … the list goes on (but we wouldn’t want to spoil it all 🤫)

The first box you will receive is a welcome box, not based on a certain theme but just a “discovery” box! Includes a wide variety of products for you to get started.

Don’t know a lot about the spiritual world yet? No worries! Every box includes all the info you need ✨ From instructions for making a spelljar to the properties of crystals, because we see our boxes as a learning experience too! 👀

Now, what are you waiting for? If we sparked your interest, make sure to start your subscription today 🤩

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